Who We Are Not


Who We Are NOT 

We are not a protest group.

St. Thomas of Canterbury is not a group of angry people trying to protest everything that is deemed wrong in the Episcopal Church. It is true that a part of our mission is to provide a haven for those who no longer feel comfortable in that denomination. We believe this is best accomplished by focusing on living our faith in a Christian community that upholds traditional teaching, worship and morality.


We are not something new.

Our parish was founded in 1980. The Reformed Episcopal Church, of which we are a part, was founded in 1873. Of even greater importance is that the Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship we uphold is firmly rooted in the Anglican ( pronounced Ang’- li- can) Way of Christianity, the Reformation in England that gave the English speaking peoples everywhere freedom of religion, the right to worship in the language of the people, the King James Bible, and the Book of Common Prayer.


We are not a "fringe group".

We teach no strange or unusual doctrines. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of the Anglican Way is that nothing is taught that was not believed by the Early Undivided Church. Nor do we claim to be the "only" or the "true" Church. We do claim to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. St. Bonaventure describes this church as consisting of "That which has been believed by all men everywhere since the beginning."


We are not Fundamentalists.

We are not literalists. We do not take isolated passages of the Bible to "prove" unusual or strange doctrines through the process of "proof texting", which can make the Bible appear to support almost anything.


We believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, but that it must be read as a whole, and that "Holy Scripture contains all things necessary for salvation". We also believe that no one can be required to believe any doctrine or teaching which cannot be found in Scripture.